Your virtual reality playbook for off-field installs so you can focus on what matters on the field.

Playbook Five leverages virtual reality to provide coaches and athletes an instructional solution beyond the realm of any playbook tool. Your team’s playbook is hosted on our secure network, allowing players to engage in a VR simulation of your installation anytime, anywhere from their smartphone device.

Make meetings more efficient, installs more detailed, and give coaches the ability to add that extra wrinkle for the next opponent with Playbook Five.

Helping coaches reach athletes

Coaches are constantly trying to balance classroom meeting time with players’ personal lives, academic obligations, compliance within time constraints, and preventing injuries on the field. Playbook Five helps maximize meeting time and providing remote instruction and infinite repetition.

Why use Playbook Five?

Optimize your time

What would 20-30 extra minutes of field practice time benefit your organization? The Playbook Five platform turns your install into a 3D virtual experience. Key coaching points and assignments are integrated into the environment, promoting an immersive learning process.

Reinforce pre-snap key reading

Playing with good eyes is essential to having success on the field. Using Gaze-Tracking techniques, the player trains to properly identify and read key indicators pre-snap, anticipate, and react more quickly to the opponent.

Develop football intelligence

Winning teams play smart, fast, and with great technique. The ease and accessibility to the materials, as well as the ability to experience plays from multiple perspectives, allows players to gain great understanding of the overall play design.

Practice smart

With more and more scrutiny into the physical aspects of the game, coaches are expected to make adjustments to their coaching approach to address the issues. Playbook Five helps coaches make the best use of the field time to focus on fundamentals and details of the game plan and players get extra mental reps anywhere their smartphone goes.

What the pros think

"Coaches and players can both benefit from this platform - everybody wins."
—Keith Rivers,
9th Overall Pick in 2008 NFL Draft

"If I was still playing I would go home and use this everyday. Reading your playbook is one thing - watching your playbook move is a completely different experience." 
—Bruce Davis,
Super Bowl XLIII Champion

“This is where the game is going. Great way to get guys repping out the plays while saving their bodies.”
—Thomas R Williams,
2004 NCAA Champion

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I put my own plays on my team account?

Yes, each subscription allows the coach to submit up to 50 total plays of offense, defense, and special teams to their account.

What if my players don't have VR viewers?

Each subscription includes 40 VR viewers to be distributed or shared within the team.

How do I know if my device is compatible with Playbook Five's VR mode?

Most modern smartphone devices are compatible with Playbook Five's VR mode. Android devices require version 4.1 or later. (Version 4.1 was released in 2012.) iOS devices requires version 8.0 or later. (Version 8.0 was released in 2014.)

Do I need to have a tablet?

No, coaches only need to have access to a web browser to manage their Playbook Five account. Players only need a smartphone device and a VR viewer to experience Playbook Five.

What happens when a player leaves my team mid-season?

Coaches can manage their team roster using the Playbook Five web portal.

How secure are my plays and who can see them?

Security is our top priority. Our 2-step verification process includes a unique access code –making sure only your roster has access to the team account.



Jason Robinson

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA


  • 4X Letterman in Football at Boise State University (2006– 2010)

  • 3A CIF - LA City Section Offensive Player of the Year (2005)

  • 3A CIF - LA City Section 1st Team Selection (2004,2005)

Activities: Golf and reading.


Paulette Trinh

Hometown: San Francisco, CA


  • Over six years of experience at 2K Sports Games for 2K NBA, 2K MLB, and 2K NHL.

  • Former High School Badminton coach in Northern California.

Activities: Mountain biking and cyclocross

Lead engineer

Drisan James

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

Professional Athlete:

  • NFL (2007–2008)

  • CFL (2009–2010)

  • 4X Letterman in Football, Boise State University

Activities: World's best Dad.

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