"It was helpful seeing a play from different perspectives. In Playbook Five, you could even go on the other side of the ball to see how teams defend against a certain route."

Contra Costa College

"Football intelligence is knowing your alignment, knowing what plays are coming out of certain formations, and knowing what your teammates' assignments are. Playbook Five would help with football intelligence. Especially with their Sky View. "

Emmanuel Moseley, db
NFL, San Francisco 49ers

"If you're sitting at home and you're looking for something to do that is related to football because you love football, being able to have VR in your face is awesome."

2020 QB Commit
trinity international university

"A great app that any football player wanting to improve their game should use. This is the future of football and playbook knowledge."

Jack Rice, LB
GFL, Hildesheim Invaders

"Make sure know your job. Once your master that, learn everyone's job. The more reps you get, the more comfortable you are at what you're doing."

Fred Warner, LB
NFL, San Francisco 49ers

"Playbook Five allows you to bang out repetition without being on the field all the time. Players being able to get those things done mentally is huge."

Contra Costa College

"We've built the best tool for athletes. There's no better way to train your brain to perform at a high level on the field."

Jason robinson
playbook five, co-founder
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